My name is Aleksey and I am the actor you have been looking for.

About Me

My name is Aleksey Solodov and if you are reading this, then you must want to know a little more about me. That's OK, I don't blame you. Who wouldn't want to know more about me?

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine on the cold winter's day of January 29th, 1982. Several months before my birth, my father Eugene was drafted into the Army of the Soviet Union. Because of his service, I didn't see my father for the first time until I was 10 months old. Times were tough and my mother Helen worked three jobs to support our family. During much of this time I was raised by my grandmother Valentina. She was a kind and loving person, a simple woman who taught me about the simplicity of life.

In 1990 my little sister, Mariya, was born. She has been trouble ever since, but she's worth it every minute. I went to school at the High School of Kiev #306, and while in school I was drawn to the performing arts, finding myself in a variety of school plays. I learned to play the guitar and spent as much time as I could on or near the stage, helping with countless stage activities, and even directing.

Graduated in May of 1999, and six short months later my parents gave me the opportunity to come to the United States. I could hardly wait!

In the fall of 2001, I enrolled at Des Moines Area Community College and continued to study theater acting. I made many friends through my experiences there, and I was also introduced to the idea of acting on film and in movies. I fell in love with it instantly.During my tenure at DMACC I was lucky enough to be chosen for leading parts in three different theater releases, two of which were the well-known classics 'Everyman' and 'Tartuffe.' Since my time at the DMACC theater I have moved on to many different and exciting things.

Shortly after, I developed a passion for stand-up comedy, and I still perform as often as I can. Audiences really respond to my direct, clever style of comedy.

I have also had the opportunity to play leading and supporting roles in a number of independent films in the Midwest which I am very proud of.

In 2012, I moved west to conquer Los Angeles. I'll be honest with you, I love LA, I feel I belong here. I am constantly working to improve the craft of acting that I love so much. I've already had some success in my career and only planing to move forward from here. I am always training in more advanced acting techniques. I've been lucky enough to learn from some incredible teachers, who have done so much to expand my knowledge and skills.

What's the secret to my success, you ask?

Well, I think that here in the United States, a good work ethic will take you a very long way. If you aren't lazy, if you have a little common sense and a lot of friends, you will go far in life. I’m just like you, working hard at the dream I have, saving my pennies, and keeping my nose down. I love a good game of pool over a few beers with some good company, and I always try to keep in mind the lessons of my grandmother: Keep things simple.

Seriously professional.

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